Trinity grade 3 video examples

Here there are 3 video examples about the questions you can find in a trinity exam and one video about a real exam.

Here the examples with all kind of GESE 3 questions:

 Here the real exam


Trinity grade 2 video examples

Here there are 2 video examples about a real trinity grade 2 exam. Let´s check them!

Trinity grade 1 video example

Here there is a real example about a trinity grade 1 exam. This will help you in your exam.



A two minute silence is always held at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the 11th month of the year. Learn why...

Vídeo para remembrance sunday story behind john

Vídeo para a short history of the poppy



The children were invited to put a blindfold on and guess the objects by tasting, touching, smelling or hearing them. They had great fun!